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No matter the home, our Chicago home inspectors can serve your needs. We’ll observe the current conditions and identify potential problems, recognize causes of existing conditions, point out consequences and identify solutions. 

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about our Chicago home inspection services? Check out our FAQ section:

Clients are encouraged to walk with inspector and the the goal is to provide the buyer with the existing conditions of all the systems and components. The on site review includes showing the client any deficiencies and further explaining the cause, implication and solution or remedy. We refer to this process as OCIR which is an acronym for Observation, Cause, Implication and Remedy. The photo filled report includes this approach and  the areas covered included but are not. limited to living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry area, basement, crawlspace, electrical panel, plumbing, heating air conditioning, attic, roof, garage, exterior and grounds.

The hardest thing for inspectors to review is what they can’t see and there are limitations to what systems and components are accessible. Our service followed the Standards of Practice provided  American Association of Home Inspectors

Decades (1988) of inspection services included thousands of homes. State of Illinois license, certified ASHI inspector, ASHI Mentor, trained to provide thermal imaging, air quality/mold testing, lead testing, new construction warranty review and expert testimony 

Every property is different, and therefore, pricing varies. A general pricing schedule is based on the square footage of the property. For example, a 2500 square foot home with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and basement is estimated to cost $375 to $425. Additional services include radon, infrared imaging, air quality/mold testing, lead testing, new construction warranty review and expert testimony.

Clients receive a full report within 24 hours of completing the field work. The report includes what systems and components were reviewed and any related deficiencies. Most deficiencies included photos for better understanding. Deficiencies are further itemized into maintenance/FYI, service/repair and/or safety issues. Clients are also provided a 50 point maintenance schedule to service their home during the course of the year. Post inspection phone consultations are available for free and all clients can contact us for any future needs in the future. We assume clients are for a lifetime.

Inspections are scheduled at anytime included early evenings and weekends.


Client Reviews

Our clients love us! Check out our five-star home inspection reviews. 

Alexander Djordjevic
Alexander Djordjevic
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They are the best, you should not go with any other home inspector. I can confidently say no other home inspector is as thorough as him. Will only be using them for future property purchases.
Gerardo Aquino
Gerardo Aquino
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Very professional! Kept us updated throughout his inspection new exactly what he was talking about . Reliable.
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